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COVID-19 Response:


By providing personal protection equipment (PPE) and a strong focus on water monitoring and water pumping equipment Proactive Environmental Products is an “essential business provider” for customers including:


Government agencies including EPA regional, Water management districts, Environmental Resource Management districts, Environmental safety consultants


Water, soil and air environmental testing companies 


Waste disposal companies


Pharmaceutical companies




Dairy Farmers


Food / Hospitality companies


Energy suppliers


Mining industries


Institutions and Universities


We acknowledge that many of our customers are working in "essential industries" in hazardous situations, and our plan is to remain open, and provide the supplies necessary to keep those operators able to complete their jobs safely. Our supply chain is stable and we continue to stock the products that our customers need to ensure the environment and our water supply is safe. With over 30 years in business and serving a diverse array of industries, it is our promise to serve the well-being of our environment and the safety of all. We will always continue to provide the best products for you with the best service that you demand.

This is the Proactive Promise.

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