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Item# PB-36560

12V 20A Smart Charger
for Lithium  Batteries

  • Efficiently Easy:

       The charger protects the LiFePO4 battery's delicate structure by boosting charging                       efficiency and maximizing lifespan through its careful utilization of the CC/CV algorithm             regardless if the battery has a BMS or not

  • Premium Quality:

       The unibody aluminum alloy and cooling fan allow the charger's exterior to function as a           heat sink with overheating protection

  • Intelligently Programmed: 

       Uniquely designed for 12V LiFePO4 batteries, implementing

       the special 2-stage constant current/constant voltage

       (CC/CV) charge algorithm with smart LED indicators.

       Additionally, the charger is designed to reset all types of

       BMS when active by allowing current into batteries reading

       from down to 0V

  • 4.5 ft cord to battery clamps and 3 ft AC cord


Input Voltage:                                    100-240VAC,50-60Hz

Cut-off Current:                                  1.5-2.5A

Charging voltage:                               14.4V

Charging current:                                20A

Operate Temperature:                        32F-104F

Cooling:                                              Natural convection. Do not cover the charger.

Charge principle:                                 LED1: Red = Power On

                                                           LED2: Red = Charging

                                                                    Green = Charged  

Battery type:                                      12V rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries

Size:                                                    L 7.5 x W3.75 x H 2.8 inches

Weight:                                               2.8lb

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