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If You Value Tips, Tools, Methodologies and Innovative Technology Updates that help you manage Surface Water and Groundwater Sampling, Monitoring, Remediation, Hydrocarbon Recovery (to name a few) Projects Most Productively, Cost Effectively, Streamlined, Current, and Efficiently, Proactive® Field Side Newsletter Covers It All.


Examples of upcoming Proactive® informative newsletter topics

  • Geologists share hands-on field success utilizing proven technologies and methodologies at their groundwater sampling, monitoring, and remediation sites

  • Get the facts on innovative groundwater/surface water sampling, monitoring, and remediation technologies that concur with PFAS requirements

  • How to complete your groundwater and surface water sampling events in half the time using time efficient practices and technologies. The BONUS: increase sampling integrity while doing it

  • How-to save stakeholders a monumental amount of money annually on their groundwater sampling and compliance program

  • How to improve the Environmental Technician’s field experience while boosting productivity with half the time, planning, action

  • How to create a more enjoyable field experience applying the practical ‘Fractional Flow® methodology’ while responsibly adhering to regulations and Groundwater Sampling SOPs  

  • Don’t Box Yourself In: An Environmental Professional who plans for the future writes Groundwater Programs designed to be flexible and leaves room for newer technologies and opportunities. Learn how he does it

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