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Soil Sampling 

Terra Core® Soil Sampler


Sampling has never been so easy!


What is the Terra Core® Sampler?

The Terra Core® is a one time use transfer tool, designed to easily take soil  samples and transfer them to the appropriate containers for in-field chemical preservation.

It is a cost effective, time saving, disposable transfer tool for soil sampling as described in USEPA SW-846 Method 5035. The Terra Core® Sampler delivers an approximate 5 gram or 10 gram sample. The Terra Core's rugged all-in-one design eliminates the need for a separate handle. No more cut off syringes!

The Terra Core® Sampler is available in a case of 100 disposable samplers.

How to use the Terra Core® Sampler


Step 1

Have ready a 40ml glass VOA vial containing the appropriate preservative. With the plunger seated in the handle, push the Terra Core®.


Step 2

Wipe all soil or debris from the outside of the Terra Core® sampler. The soil plug should be flush with the mouth of the sampler. Remove any excess soil that extends beyond the mouth of the sampler.


Step 3

Rotate the plunger that was seated in the handle top 90° until it is aligned with the slots in the body. Place the mouth of the sampler into the 40ml VOA vial containing the appropriate preservative, and extrude the sample by pushing the plunger down. Quickly place the lid back on the 40ml VOA vial.

Terra Core® Sampler is a registered trademark of En Novative Technologies, Inc

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