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Ask About Our Fixed Price Rental Program Starting at $5 Per Month 

Item# PS-10470

Fractional Flow® Groundwater Sampling Methodology

A Fraction of the Cost • A Fraction of the Time • A Fraction of Potential Negative

Variables and Environmental Impacts

Learn how thousands of environmental professionals globally save up to 80% on their groundwater program annually with Fractional Flow® Groundwater Sampling Methodology

Explore Your Options!® 


12 Volt Stainless Steel Sample Champ® XL Pump

(Lifts 170+ Feet / 52+ Meters DTW) 

Streamline ~ Simplify

And above all... Enjoy Your Sampling Events!

Proven to free-up 70-80% of your time and money!

Reduces disposable supplies and landfill waste by 70-80%!

Set it and Forget it!

Rugged, reliable, and simple to use 12 volt DC battery-operated 

Stainless Steel Sample Champ® XL pump line designed for dedicated/stationed well applications













   Applications of the Sample Champ® XL series pump line includes, but not limited to:

   Stationed applications for groundwater purge and low flow sampling for both short and long                       term groundwater projects

Purge & low flow sample as low as

10mLs per minute 

Stainless Steel Sample Champ XL® Pump
sample champ controller - TIFF brighter connector☺.tif


Stainless Steel Sample Champ® XL Pump 

The Ultimate in Purge, Low Flow Sampling, and Fractional Flow®

Explore your options! 



  • Average savings of 80% on groundwater projects annually (request white papers)

  • Minimize waste water disposal by about 70-80% annually (request white papers)

  • Minimize disposable field supplies by about 75-85% per sampling event (request white papers)

  • Fixed cost allows for actual budget planning, forecast, and helps extend contract periods

  • Lessen purge waste water removal costs   

  • Streamline and decrease operating costs (request white papers)

  • Minimize the need for decontamination solutions and solvents

  • Eliminate pump decontamination process,

  • and costly, redundant equipment blanks (request white papers)

  • Eliminate rental fees and rush shipment costs

  • Radical reduction in shipping costs


  • Remove the aggravation of decontaminating equipment and supplies

  • Eliminate redundant field logging as the pump is stationed at the same location in the well every sample event

  • Remove setup time [by roughly 15-20 minutes / well]

  • Remove breakdown time [by roughly 10-15 minutes / well]

  • Drastically reduce logistical planning for each event

  • Eliminate down-time by removing variables accompanied with portable systems and rentals

  • Remove the persistent task to remember to order a rental, and the hustle and hassle to ship it back

  • Curtail event planning time

  • Reduce coordinating waste water disposal

  • Simplify billing and paper work

  • Embrace enjoyable sampling


  • Eliminate false positives (request white papers)

  • Eliminate potential for cross contamination

  • Minimize turbulence in well and issues caused by well disturbance

  • Provide accurate NTU levels in samples (request white papers)

  • Peace of mind with continuity on baseline and future sampling


Smaller carbon foot prints

  • Reduce consumption of disposable field supplies, the fuel to ship them, and disposal of them in landfills

  • Drastically minimize gallons of purge waste water annually

  • Conserve clean water, minimize decontamination process, waste water disposal, and cleaning solutions


  • Designed for the field sampling professional

  • Engineered for clean and turbid groundwater

  • Designed for 2” schedule 40 and 80 and larger diameter wells

  • Powered by 12 volt vehicle battery or portable 12 Volt AGM or deep cycle battery, or other desired 12 volt dc source

  • Pump rated for 170 foot lift but can actually lift up to 350 feet with the use of Proactive® SS Drop Tube and Weight Combo (please inquire)

  • Single stage pump

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Field-ready

  • Self-priming

  • EPA low flow sampling compliant

  • Absolute flow control as low as 10 mLs per minute

  • Purge up to 3 GPM depending upon pump placement in well

  • Consistent flow rate at 12.5 DC volts output  to the pump

  • Engineered to run continuously without a cool down period for several hours

  • Rated #1 by customers and regulatory agencies for ease-of-use, most reliable, lowest maintenance pump system on the market

  • Proven to cut-out an enormous amount of health and safety pages

  • Proven to provide the most accurate sample results (request white papers)

  • Proven to be most effective when sampling for VOCs (request white papers)

  • Proven to NOT heat samples (request white papers)

  • User-intuitive pump system requires very little training

  • Runs clean so you can rid the smelly fumes emitted by gas generators that pose potential air born sample contamination

  • Quick and intuitive pump setup [roughly 10-15 minutes per pump]

  • Quick and easy well installation [roughly 5-10 minutes per pump]

  • Phase out bladder pumps, bladder bags replacement parts, air compressors and gas generators

  • Phase out expensive or heavy maintenance costs associated with other brand electrical submersible pumps

  • Eliminate downtime with the incorporated patented Proactive® 1 minute quick change motor module feature

  • No fee wire length customization from 1-170 feet

  • 20 foot controller to pump extension cord available for remote or difficult to get to wells

  • PFO/PFA free


Solar power option available (please inquire)


Proactive® 12 Volt Stainless Steel Sample Champ® and Proactive® 12 Volt Stainless Steel Sample Champ® XL motor module protected under Patent 7,584,7850

Thank You for Considering How to Reduce Groundwater

Sampling Activity Carbon Footprints!

Each Sample Champ® XL pump comes individually boxed and labeled providing well name, wire length, and pump serial number. Each pump includes:

  • Specified wire installed on the pump

  • Controller connector installed on wire

  • One installed field-ready motor module

  • One Proactive® dual purpose wrench

  • One Proactive® low flow valve



     WATT CONSUMPTION (MAX):         540 WATTS (MAX)

     DC VOLT RECOMMENDATION:        12-15 DC (Direct Current) at source


     AMP CONSUMPTION (MAX):          36 AMPS

     MEASUREMENTS:                           LENGTH 7.5" / DIAMETER 1.82"

     DESIGNED FOR:                              2” (SCHEDULE 40 AND 80) AND LARGER DIAMETER WELLS

     CONSTRUCTED:                               STAINLESS STEEL

     REQUIRED TUBING:                        3/8" ID POLY TUBING

     WIRE:                                            12 GAUGE PVC WIRE CUSTOM WIRE LENGTHS FROM 1-170 FEET

 Pumping Depth in Feet                 Gallons Per Minute       

  DTW (Depth To Water)           At 13.8 Volts At The Source


                10                                              3.00

                20                                              2.75

                30                                              2.75

                40                                              2.60

                60                                              2.30

                70                                              1.75

                80                                              1.50

              100                                              1.25

              110                                              1.25

              120                                              1.00

              130                                               0.85

              150                                               0.50

              160                                               0.45

              170                                               0.35

      Test was conducted with a Power Supply of 13.8 volts


Running your vehicle while using this pump

will dramatically increase purge volume

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