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Item# GP-11000


Crusader® 50 Amp Portable Gas Generator

Engineered For Use with All 

Proactive Environmental Products® 12 Volt Submersible Pump Systems


Proactive® 12 Volt DC Output Crusader® Gas Generator Was Specifically Engineered to Provide Proactive® 12 Volt Pumps Consistent 50 Amp and 12.5 Volts Output for a Consistent and Uninterrupted Pump Flow Rate, and Long Pump Run Time!


Weatherproof and rugged 12 Volt Crusader® 50 Amp Portable Gas Generator is ideal for

remote sites, heavy purge applications, pump tests, and ongoing remediation where

other sources of power are not available!

12 Volt Crusader 50 Amp Portable Gas Generator


  • User-friendly

  • Easy access controls 

  • An economical and simple solution to power Proactive Environmental Products® 12 volt pump systems at remote sites

  • Supports 24/7 pump run time applications

  • Easy to use and operate

  • Runs Quiet

  • Provides Proactive® High Performance Plastic Pumps as well as Proactive® Stainless Steel XL Series Pump consistent amp output

  • Improves time management! Working at a remote site using the Crusader® alleviates the need for multiple portable 12 volt batteries

  • Save money! Eliminate archaic and expensive equipment

  • Helps to get the job done accurately, faster, and under budget

  • Low maintenance alternator battery charge about every 30 days when Crusader® not in use

  • One time investment provides a lifetime of use


  • Provides consistent 50 amps output to the pump system for uninterrupted and steady flow rates for stationed or portable Proactive® 12 volt pump systems

  • Easy access Smart-fill® fuel tank located on the top of the generator

  • Easy access oil fill cap and oil drain plug located on the body exterior

  • In-view and easy to access Fuel Shut-off Valve, Choker Lever, and Operate Engine Throttle

  • No-slip grip handle

  • Engraved and clearly marked for quick identification the positive and negative alternator terminals to reduce cross polarity potential

  • Self-contained Air Cooling System

  • Safety Finger Guard housing over the self-contained Air Cooling System keeps hands safe

  • Comes with a 3.3 amp VMAX battery trickle charger suggested to charge alternator battery every 30 days if the Crusader® is not in use

  • Weatherproof: designed for the outdoors

  • Warranty: Manufacturer 6 months parts and labor warranty

Crusader® 50 Amp Portable Gas Generator comes with:

  • 12 volt / 5 amp alternator battery installed

  • Surge fuse protector installed

  • 3.3 amp VMAX battery trickle charger

  • Fuel not included!



DC VOLT MAX:                                    12.5-14.5V

MAXIMUM AMP OUTPUT:                   50-55 AMP HOURS

DEPTH MEASUREMENT:                       16"

WIDTH MEASUREMENT:                       20" 

HEIGHT MEASUREMENT:                      20"

WEIGHT:                                              57 POUNDS   

INTERNAL FUSE:                                   80 AMP 

ENCLOSURE RATED:                              WEATHERPROOF

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