Water Quality Instrumentation Buffers and Solutions 

pH Buffers Color Coded (stocked) Colorless upon request:

 pH-4.00 (Red), pH-7.00 (yellow), pH 7.38 (yellow) pH 9.18, PH 10.00 (blue) 

Conductivity Calibration Standard (stocked):  1409 µmho/cm. Range is +/- 20 (1389 to 1429 µmho/cm) 

 Also Available from: 84 µmho/cm - up to 8974 µmho/cm. Give us a call.

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Calibration Gas

Isobutylene, Methane, Quad Mix: Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 25ppm , Carbon Monoxide(CO) 50ppm, Oxygen (O2) 12%,  Methane (CH4) 50% LEL. Nitrogen Balance. Customized gas mix upon request. Give us a call.

calibration gas
Trigger Flow regulator
demand flow regulator
Dial A Flow regulator

Male and Female Regulators: Demand Flow, Trigger Flow, Dial a Flow