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Item# PDRM-1000


12 Volt Plastic Drum Pump® 

(Lifts 13 Feet / 4 Meters DTW)

12 Volt Proactive Drum Pump

For fast, safe, and reliable liquid transfer, reach for the

12 volt Proactive® Drum Pump!


Building on over 20 years manufacturing innovate solutions for field pumps and accessories, Proactive Environmental Products® International LLC has done it again! This revolutionary and proven 12 volt DC battery powered Drum Pump is the simple solution to handle your liquid transfer challenges.


Small, yes! But also powerful!  The 12 volt Proactive® Drum Pump is a little workhorse that will drain over 185 gallons per hour, yet so small it fits into your back pocket! The Proactive® Drum Pump can lift liquid from 13 feet vertical, and if there is a need to transfer liquid horizontally simply add more tubing!


Being that this pump is powered by a 12 volt DC power source, it is safe and easy to use.


Submerge the pump into the liquid needing draining. Then simply connect the 12 volt Proactive® Drum Pump battery leads to a 12 volt deep cycle battery; for example an automobile battery. Or if you like, plug the pump male cigarette plug adapter into the automobile 12 volt female cigarette receptacle.

  • The Proactive® Drum pump only draws 2.7 amps and is totally maintenance free!

  • The Proactive® Drum Pump is constructed of super-strong ABS material that will not rust or corrode!

  • The Proactive® Drum pump is totally Self-Priming!

  • The Proactive® Drum Pump has a self-contained, high performance 12 volt DC motor. So rest assured; it will provide long pump life!









  • Lifts ups to 13 feet

  • 1.5" outside diameter

  • Constructed from high impact ABS plastic material

  • Stainless steel motor shaft

  • Polypropylene impeller

  • Polypropylene bottom inlet filter screen

  • Oil resistant PVC wire 

  • Dual motor shaft seals constructed of nitrile butyl and viton

  • CE Listed


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