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Barologger 5

Solinst Model 3001 Barologger 5

Leveloggers measure absolute pressure (water pressure + atmospheric pressure) expressed in feet, meters, centimeters, psi, kPa, or bar.


The most accurate method of obtaining changes in water level is to compensate for atmospheric pressure fluctuations using a Barologger 5, avoiding time lag in the compensation.


The Barologger 5 is set above high water level in one location on site.

One Barologger can be used to compensate all Leveloggers in a 30 km

(20 mile) radius and/or with every 300 m (1000 ft.) change in elevation.

The Levelogger Software Data Compensation Wizard automatically

produces compensated data files using the synchronized data files

from the Barologger and Leveloggers on site.

The Barologger 5 uses pressure algorithms based on air rather than

water pressure, giving superior accuracy.

The recorded barometric information can also be very useful to help

determine barometric lag and/or barometric efficiency of the monitored



The Barologger 5 records atmospheric pressure in psi, kPa, or mbar.

When compensating submerged Levelogger 5, Edge, Gold or Junior data,

Levelogger Software can recognize the type of Levelogger and compensate using the same units found in the submerged data file (e.g. feet or meters). This makes the Barologger 5 backwards compatible.

Suspended in Air 

Suspended in Air 

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