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464 Electronic Bladder Pump Controller

464 electronic bladder pump controller

The Model 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit is available in 125 psi or 250 psi versions, and uses 4 AA alkaline batteries that last up to 100 hours of normal use. These Controllers can also be operated manually, using only a compressed gas source.


The 464 Electronic Pump Control Unit has automatic preset sample modes from low through high flow settings. In addition, up to 99 user-created flow rates can be saved in FRAM memory. The Pump Control Unit allows faster purge rates and precise low flow control to ensure a representative sample at 100 ml/min or less when sampling for VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).


These convenient Pump Control Units are rugged, dependable and suitable for all environments. They are supplied with the drive and supply lines.

Quick-connect fittings allow instant attachment to

dedicated well caps, portable reel units and to an

air compressor or compressed gas source.

Can be used with both 1.66" and 1" diameter SS Bladder Pumps.

Solinst drive line
Solinst supply line



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