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Item# P-10385-NW

Low Flow Groundwater

Sampling Made Easy!

Learn how thousands of environmental professionals globally save up to 80% on their

groundwater program annually with Low Flow Groundwater Sampling Methodology


12 Volt Abyss® Elite Slimline Plastic Pump

(Lifts 300 Feet / 92 Meters DTW)

(For 4" Schedule 80 well or larger) 

Streamline ~ Simplify

And above all... Enjoy Your Sampling Events!

Proven to free-up 70-80% of your time and money!

Reduces disposable supplies and landfill waste by 70-80%!

Set it and Forget it!

Rugged, reliable, and simple to use 12 volt DC battery-operated pump

designed for dedicated/stationed well applications













   Applications of the Abyss® Elite Slimline pump includes, but not limited to:

   Stationed applications for groundwater purge and low flow sampling

for both short and long term groundwater projects


To Place An Order Is As Easy As 1,2,3...

Simply, fill out a short form (Usually, less than 1 Paragraph,) that allows you to custom

achieve desired wire lengths from 1 foot all the way to 300 feet of wire!


From 1 well to 1,000 wells! - We got you covered! 


Well #1: Wire length 17 Feet

Well #2: Wire length 236 Feet

Well #3: Wire length 283 Feet.

Etc.etc etc...

It is that easy! 

Purge & low flow sample as low as

10mLs per minute 

Abyss Elite pump 5.4.2020 PNG.png
png low res abyss pump holder with   cap

Benefits & Features:   


  • Average savings of 80% on groundwater projects annually (request white papers)

  • Minimize waste water disposal by about 70-80% annually (request white papers)

  • Minimize disposable field supplies by about 75-85% per sampling event (request white papers)

  • Fixed cost allows for actual budget planning, forecast, and helps extend contract periods

  • Lessen purge waste water removal costs   

  • Streamline and decrease operating costs (request white papers)

  • Minimize the need for decontamination solutions and solvents

  • Eliminate pump decontamination process,

       and costly, redundant equipment blanks             (request white papers)

  • Eliminate rental fees and rush shipment costs

  • Radical reduction in shipping costs


  • Remove the aggravation of decontaminating equipment and supplies

  • Eliminate redundant field logging as the pump is stationed at the same location in the well every sample event

  • Remove setup time [by roughly 15-20 minutes / well]

  • Remove breakdown time [by roughly 10-15 minutes / well]

  • Drastically reduce logistical planning for each event

  • Eliminate down-time by removing variables accompanied with portable systems and rentals

  • Remove the persistent task to remember to order a rental, and the hustle and hassle to ship it back

  • Reduce coordinating waste water disposal

  • Simplify billing and paper work

  • Embrace enjoyable sampling


  • Eliminate false positives (request white papers)

  • Eliminate potential for cross contamination

  • Minimize turbulence in well and issues caused by well disturbance

  • Provide accurate NTU levels in samples (request white papers)

  • Peace of mind with continuity on baseline and future sampling

  • Eliminate expensive or heavy maintenance costs associated with other brand electrical submersible pumps

  • 20-foot controller extension cord available for remote or difficult to get to wells

  • Can be manufactured from PFOA Free Parts

Benefits & Features:


  • Designed for the field sampling professional

  • Engineered for clean and turbid groundwater

  • Designed for 4” schedule 40 and 80 and larger diameter wells

  • Powered by 12-volt vehicle battery or portable 12 Volt AGM or deep cycle battery, or other desired 12-volt dc source such as our portable 60 AMP Mobile Battery Pack

  • Pump rated for 300-foot lift

  • Stainless steel & plastic construction

  • Field-ready

  • Self-priming

  • EPA low flow sampling compliant

  • Absolute flow control as low as 10 mLs per minute

  • Purge up to 3 GPM depending upon pump placement in well

  • Engineered to run continuously without a cool-down period 

  • Rated #1 by customers and regulatory agencies for ease-of-use, most reliable, lowest maintenance pump system on the market

  • Proven to reduce an enormous amount of health and safety pages

  • Proven to provide the most accurate sample results (request white papers)

  • Proven to be most effective when sampling for VOCs (request white papers)

  • Proven to NOT heat samples (request white papers)

  • User-intuitive pump system requires very little training

  • Runs clean so you can rid the smelly fumes emitted by gas generators that pose potential air-born sample contamination

  • Quick and intuitive pump setup [roughly 10-15 minutes per pump]

  • Quick and easy well installation [roughly 5-10 minutes per pump]

  • Eliminate bladder pumps, bladder bags replacement parts, air compressors and gas generators


  • Smaller carbon footprints

  • Reduce consumption of disposable field supplies, the fuel to ship them, and disposal of them in landfills

  • Drastically minimize gallons of purge wastewater annually

  • Conserve clean water, minimize decontamination process, wastewater disposal, and cleaning solutions

  • Curtail event planning time

  • Solar hook-up is available!

  • Embrace enjoyable sampling

Each Abyss® Elite Slimline pump comes individually boxed and labeled providing wire length, and pump serial number. Each pump includes:

  • Specified wire installed on the pump

  • Controller connector installed on wire

  • One Proactive® low flow valve




     DC VOLT RECOMMENDATION:        12-15 DC (Direct Current) at source


     AMP CONSUMPTION (MAX):          5 AMPS

     MEASUREMENTS:                           LENGTH 12" / DIAMETER 3.73"

     DESIGNED FOR:                              4” SCHEDULE 80 AND LARGER DIAMETER WELLS

     REQUIRED TUBING:                       3/8" ID or 1/2" ID TUBING

     SUPPLIED WITH:                            12 GAUGE PVC WIRE CUSTOM WIRE LENGTHS FROM 1-300 FEET, WITH RED                                                                  AND BLACK CONNECTOR



Abyss® Elite Slimline Requires: 


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