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Levelogger 5 App Interface

Solinst levelogger 5 App interface

The Levelogger 5 App Interface uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to connect a Solinst datalogger to your smart device. Once connected, you can view data and program the datalogger using the Solinst Levelogger App.


The App Interface is lightweight, compact in design, and is easily transported—ideal for field use. It uses four 1.5V AA lithium batteries that are easily replaced. The App Interface has a power button to turn it on and off, and there is an auto-off after 10 minutes of inactivity. An LED light indicates its status.

Benefits / Features:

  • Communicate to your dataloggers using Bluetooth

  • Makes data collection very efficient

  • Eliminates the need to bring a laptop to the field

  • Employs the smart technology that you are already using

  • Program and start dataloggers right in the field

  • View real-time readings, or download and e-mail logged data files

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