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Solinst Readout Unit (SRU)

Solinst readout unit (SRU)

The Solinst Readout Unit (SRU) is an in-field device designed to take and display instant water level readings from a deployed Solinst datalogger.


When connected, you can also select a real-time sampling rate and start a real-time monitoring session independent of the datalogger’s internal logging mode. Real-time logs can be saved in the SRU memory.


The SRU has an internal barometer, which provides the option of showing and saving real-time water level readings corrected to ambient air pressure.


The SRU also functions as a data download and storage device. It has a robust flash memory allowing you to download and save multiple log files from a number of dataloggers. Saved log files can be viewed on the SRU and transferred to a PC.


The SRU provides access to useful information about the connected datalogger’s status, including battery level, memory, serial number, firmware version, and logging mode, as well as the SRU status.

Features and Benefits

  • Convenient and portable

  • Clear LCD screen for viewing readings and setting up real-time logging

  • Connects to a Levelogger’s Direct Read Cable

  • Real-time logging and data download does not interrupt running datalogger

  • Useful when conducting aquifer tests

  • Quick way to check the status of a deployed datalogger

  • Uses one replaceable 9V battery

  • User-upgradable firmware

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