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Item# GoProPVCWT-154


1.5" x 4' Clear PVC Weighted GoPro® Bailer 

GoPro® Disposable PVC Groundwater Bailers

The Sink Rapidly bailer you can rely on that is engineered to minimize well disturbance!

We eliminated the PVC weight to allow for an unobstructed flow of liquid to enter the

bailer speeding up sink times and achieving a more accurate sample.


GoPro® Disposable PVC Groundwater Bailer line design provides a larger diameter intake

resulting in less drag on descent.

This means lower disturbance of the well water column and lower dissolved oxygen in the

well sample than most other bailers on the market!

EcobailerPROpvc 154 PNG FINAL 9-2016.png


Double Wall Thickness

Decreases Sink Time 

Product Name             Product Description                                                                  Quantity Per Case           Volume

 GoProPVC-151         1.5" X 1' Clear PVC GoPro® Disposable Non-Weighted Bailer                  48                       347 ml

 GoProPVC-153          1.5" X 3' Clear PVC GoPro® Disposable Non-Weighted Bailer                 24                      1027 ml

 GoProPVC-154          1.5" X 4' Clear PVC GoPro® Disposable Non-Weighted Bailer                 24                      1368 ml

 GoProPVCWT-151     1.5" X 1' Clear PVC GoPro® Disposable Weighted Bailer                         48                       345 ml 

 GoProPVCWT-153     1.5" X 3' Clear PVC GoPro® Disposable Weighted Bailer                         24                      1025 ml

 GoProPVCWT-154     1.5" X 4' Clear PVC GoPro® Disposable Weighted Bailer                         24                      1365 ml


  • The most economical and reliable bailer with a name you can trust

  • Clear PVC bailers provide 100% sample visibility

  • Less drag on decent means less well disturbance

  • Improve time management by getting high volume per deployment

  • Rugged design provides peace of mind

  • Save time and money! Get up to 1365 ml per decent and ascent with the 4 foot GoPro® bailer

  • Obtain more accurate samples

  • Go to the field confident


  • Clear PVC is naturally dense and sinks fast without the weights

  • GoPro® PVC bailer wider spout opening design enables super-fast sink rate while minimizing Dissolved Oxygen in your sample

  • GoPro® emptying device couples as a VOC tip

  • GoPro® emptying device allows for proper control of the liquid flow into the sample bottle

  • Flexibility to use the pour spout located on the top of bailer as an emptying device

  • Multiple diameter and bailers lengths to choose from

  • Designed for use with filters for gravity fed option

  • Each bailer cleaned to EPA standards and individually packaged

GoPro® PVC 154 Weighted Bailers come with:

  • 24 GoPro® Clear PVC Bailers individually bagged 

  • 24 Emptying devices included with each Bailer

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