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Heron Little Dipper2

Heron Little Dipper2 Water Level Meter
Heron Little Dipper2 Water Level Meter
Heron Little Dipper2 Water Level Meter

HERON Little Dipper2 (CE Certified)
Single Probe Measures 
Water Level (Static) and Drawdown
(Little Dipper2 probe is field replaceable)


Tape Length Options: 50 feet or 15 meters, 100 feet or 30 meters, or the standard 75 feet or 22 meters. Available in metric or imperial

Heron Little Dipper2 now offers variable tape lengths yet still compact enough to be stowed in a backpack!   

With the touch of a button, measure Depth to Water (static) or Drawdown! 

Heron Little Dipper2 is engineered to measure Depth to Water (static) and Drawdown in groundwater wells, surface water, and boreholes in horizontal and vertical applications such as: pump test, purge, well development and sampling. 

Benefits of HERON Little Dipper
About the Probe:

  • Measure water levels accurate to 1/100’ or to each mm.

  • Pressure rated to 300ft/100m for up to 20 minutes

  • Field-friendly Water Level with Drawdown Probe (IP68) 5/8” od fully pressure/depth rated*

  • Does not contain holes or recesses, eliminating contaminate build-up concerns. 

  • Field-friendly; can be replaced in the field in minutes

  • Water Level with Drawdown Probe (IP68) sends a signal to the reel providing both visual (LED) and audio alert (buzz) when it detects water level, or when in draw-down mode, detects air

  • Probe Link-disconnect feature prevents tape damage if snagged in a well by releasing the probe at the link (note: In this case, manufacture service to replace the link and probe are required)

  • Available option: 3/8”od (9.525 mm) probe. The 3/8” (9.525 mm) probe must be ordered at time of manufacturing. (Pressure rated up to 100m/300ft for 20 minutes)

About the Electronics and Reel:

  • Small and compact (small enough to be stowed in a backpack)

  • Weight starts at 2.9 pounds and upwards to 10 pounds (depending on tape length selected)

  • Electronic Reel Module (IP65) is removable for easy cleaning and servicing

  • Sensitivity Control Switch Option easily adjusts for false signals from cascading water

  • Electronic Reel Module (IP65) allows for mode switch from water level (static) detection to     Draw-down mode, and is easily removable for cleaning and servicing    

  • Electronic Reel Module (IP65) Circuits and components are water-tight to protect from           moisture and dust intrusion

  • Probe Test Points are located on the back of the reel

  • Custom Spooling Handle allows for easy tape lowering, and re-coil onto reel

  • Tape Guide and Hanger mounted on the reel supports the tape and probe at the well head,     and protects tape from sharp well-casing edges

About the Tape:

  • Steel Tape Reinforced with Polyethylene coating (which is standard). 

  • Markings available in metric (mm) or imperial (Feet/Inches) (1/100’)


Padded Carry Case included for protection of your water level indicator from weather elements!

Warranty: 5 years: Probe 1 year                                                            * Temporarily Submersible  


If you already own a Heron Little Dipper2 and need replacement parts click HERE. 

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Wells. Must Be Order at Time of Purchase

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