Heron Water Tape2

Heron Water Tape2 Water Level Indicator
Heron Water Tape2 Water Level Indicator

HERON Water Tape2 (CE Certified)

Water Level Indicator

Measures Static and Drawdown


Length options: 100ft/30m to 1500ft/450m


If budget and simplicity is your objective, consider the Heron Water-Tape2 Water Level Indicator with Drawdown. This economic water level indicator is the alternative to the elite and multifunction Heron Dipper-T model.


Heron Water Tape2 is engineered for measuring static water level and draw-down in surface water, wells and boreholes for horizontal and vertical applications.


Benefits of HERON Water-Tape2

About the Probe:

  • Probe (IP68) – 5/8” fully pressure/depth rated* does not contain holes or recesses, eliminating contaminate build-up concerns (Not a quick-change probe model – See Dipper-T for this option)

  • Probe sends a signals to the reel providing both visual (LED) signal and audio alert (buzz) when it detects water level (static) and draw-down (liquid and air)

  • Measure accurate to 1/100’ or to each mm.

  • Probe Link-disconnect feature prevents tape damage by releasing the probe at the link if snagged in a well (note: this probe requires manufacture service to replace the probe and link)

  • Available option: 3/8” od (9.525 mm) probe. The 3/8” (9.525 mm) probe must be ordered at time of manufacturing. (Pressure rated up to 100m/300ft for 20 minutes)

About the Electronics and Reel:

  • Electronic Reel Module (IP65) is removable for easy cleaning and servicing

  • Sensitivity control switch option: adjust for false signals from cascading water

  • Electronic Reel Module (IP65) allows for mode switch from water (static) level detection to Draw-down mode and is easily removable for cleaning and servicing

  • Electronic Reel Module (IP65) Circuits and components are water-tight to protect from moisture and dust intrusion

  • Probe test points are located on the back of the reel

  • Vinyl Ergonomic Hand-Grip for easy portability

  • Custom Spooling Handle allows for easy tape lowering and re-coil onto reel

  • Tape Guide and Hanger mounted on reel supports the tape and probe at the well head, protecting tape from sharp well-casing edges


About the Tape:

  • Polyethylene reinforced with Kevlar

  • Markings available in metric (mm) or engineering scale (Feet/Inches) (1/100’)


Padded Carry Case included for protection of your water level indicator from weather elements!


Warranty: 3 years, probe 1 year                                                             * Temporarily Submersible 

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