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Item# PA-10700


Power Booster 2 Controller

low flow power booster 2 - PNG.png

Engineered specifically for Proactive Environmental Products Int'l®

12 Volt Tsunami®, Hurricane®, Monsoon®, and Supernova 120® Plastic Pumps

The Proactive® Power Booster 2 is engineered specifically for the Tsunami®, Hurricane®, Monsoon® and Supernova 120® high performance plastic pumps. When the flow control dial is set to the lowest possible setting the controller will produce 12 volts. When the dial is set to the highest possible setting the controller will produce 24 volts. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS CONTROLLER IS NOT INTENDED TO SHUT OFF THE PUMP MOTORS. Simply connect the booster to a 12 volt deep cycle battery and connect the pump to the booster and stand back for awesome pumping power!

Check out all the great features of the Power Booster 2 Controller

  • Heavy duty reinforced plastic weatherproof case

  • Low voltage disconnect (LVD) at 10.75 volts (turns off controller)

  • Constant Voltage Boosting Technology (CVBT) allows the correct voltage to reach the pump motors

  • Breaker incorporated into controller

  • 6 month parts and labor warranty

  • 'Ramp Up' control dial

  • 7 foot wire lead to battery clamps and 8 foot wire leads to pump connector

  • Heavy-duty reinforced plastic controller

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