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Quatro Professional Plus

Combo-Kit pH (20 meter cable)

Also Available

in Galvanic DO

Quatro Professional Plus Kit pH

Quatro Professional Plus Measures:

Polarographic Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH,Barometric, Temp/Cond, ORP, TDS, Salinity, Specific Conductance, Resistivity,Ammonium <ISE>, Nitrate <ISE>, Chloride <ISE>


This Kit Includes:

  • Handheld

  • 20-meter cable with 4 ports  

  • Professional Series ProComm II Kit (includes USB Cable, handheld back side connector)

  • Handheld saddle 

  • Handheld Shoulder Strap 

  • 5560 Temp/conductivity sensor kit

  • pH and Polarographic DO sensors

  • DO Sensor with DO membrane kit (6 membranes)

  • Data Management Software CD and manual

  • Calibration cup

  • Rubber flex sleeve (to keep sensors moist)

  • Ventilated probe guard

  • Cable Caddy 

  • The Combo-Kit is provided in a soft-sided carry case


Interesting in Upgrading?? Purchase the YSI Quatro Hard Case


Note:  ORP sensor, Ammonium <ISE>, Nitrate <ISE>, Chloride <ISE>, flow cell and other accessories not mentioned are sold separately.

Used With:

YSI Quatro Pro Plus

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