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YSI 556

Item# GWE-556-1

  • Water proof and one of the easiest to use multi-parameter water quality handheld on the market!

  • EPA approved for drinking water and wastewater compliance reporting!

Notice: YSI® 556 Series Handhelds

YSI® Discontinued the 556 Series Handhelds 

Effective February 2016

If this is your first time YSI® multi-parameter purchase see Quatro Proffesional Plus multi-parameter 

YSI Handheld Water Quality Instrumentation 556 series


All YSI® 556 Series Cables Includes:

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Temperature/Conductivity Sensor Probes, DO Membrane Kit (blue caps), Maintenance Kit, Metal Ventilated Probe Guard, and Clear PVC Calibration Cup

4 Meter Cable

Item# GWE-5563-4

10 Meter Cable

Item# GWE-5563-10

20 Meter Cable

Item# GWE-5563-20


All 556 sensors and probes are field-friendly and do NOT require tools!

Cond/ Temp Sensor

Item# GWE-005560

pH/ ORP Sensor

Item# GWE-005565

Amplified pH/ ORP Combo Sensor Kit

Item# GWE-655562A

DO Replacement Probe

Item# GWE-655900

pH Sensor

Item# GWE-005564

Amplified pH/ ORP Combo Sensor

Item# GWE-655565A

Amplified pH Sensor Kit

Item# GWE-655561A

Amplified pH Sensor

Item# GWE-655564A

Amplified Sensors are ideal for high static applications, very cold waters, and long term field studies where sensor probe connectors may be subject to moisture.

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